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Live Music Concerts at Luviana

Enjoy live musical performances daily at the terraced restaurant of Palmeria Hotel. Each week we invite a new band to our resort and are pleased to have Jimmy Curgyr’s jazz band as our constant musicians. You will definitely remember the sound of waves and real live music concerts at the beach! All the restaurant’s catering is at your disposal as well.

Pairing wine with music is far, far more complicated than you’d ever guess.

Alan Cross

Comfortable seats, tasty drinks and dishes – this is what you are expecting from a resort and this is what we are ready to give you. Life is impossible without music, get the life and the music in once beach cocktail – it will be very tasty!

View from Luviana hotel room

We organize very cozy and intimate evenings with charming music accompanying. The best place to visit with your beloved one and spend unforgettable vacation for a few days. Comfortable seats, tasty drinks and dishes – this is what you are expecting from a resort and this is what we are ready to give you. Life is impossible without music, get the life and the music in once beach cocktail – it will be very tasty!

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