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Discover the Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is always so much fun! This is one from our activities that we propose you – unique chance to dive in all senses to the underwater world and fully immerse into extraordinary atmosphere. Swimming with beautiful fish in a clean water is a fantastic chance to explore the underwater life.

Know what? You have a great chance to open a diversity of the sea world and we assure you, you will never want to get out of the water! And you don’t need to take long roads to reach the destination place since we conduct everything on our territory!

What’s more?

There are lots of other great outdoor activities waiting for you at Palmeria:

  •  playing golf on the beautiful courses
  • fishing for the best catch
  • walking among the ruins of beautiful old villages
  • taking tours and boat rides to other (equally beautiful) areas of Santorini

… and many more!

If you are willing to take part in such an adventure contact us and we will organize memorable trip for you and your family & friends. Every guest said that they never had such an experience and we can give it to you as well!

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